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May 8, 2021

V-E Day!

There's no better place to celebrate Victory in Europe Day than Pilsen, Czech Republic. Even though the Liberation Festival was once again moved online this year, the city attracted a lot of tourists, reenactors and WWII vehicle owners. Our group also had the pleasure to spend this special day in Pilsen – beautifully decorated in white, blue and red. We started the day at "Thank You, America!" monument where we laid flowers. Then we moved to the Pilsen City Hall where until May 10th you could see a very interesting exhibition (free of charge!) called "Field Post of the US Army in Southwest Bohemia". The author is Mr. Pavel Hauzner and all the exhibits come from his private collection. We wandered around the historical center a bit more, tasted Pilsner beer and finished the day in Borský Park where we had a picnic. In the very same park, the 109th Evacuation Hospital was located back in 1945. It was a lovely day.

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