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May 8, 2020

V-E Day!

Happy Victory in Europe Day!

Half of our group, accompanied by our friends from KVH Tommy & Yankee z.s. Plzeň, held a small ceremony at "Thank You, America!" monument in Pilsen, Czech Republic. We dedicated our wreath to the personnel of the 45th Field Hospital and 109th Evacuation Hospital, which were station in the city during the war. After the ceremony, we visited Mulačova hospital. Army Nurses were billeted in this hospital during their stay in Pilsen. Our last stop was Borský park, the site of the 109th Evacuation Hospital. We also had a great (and unexpected) encounter with Mr. Pavel Hauzner, who as a 10-year old boy witnessed the arrival of the US Army in Pilsen. He showed us part of his collection of original artifacts, which he kept for 75 years, and showed us around the park, where the US Army had its camp back in 1945.

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