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Summer Seersucker 
Service Uniform
(1942 - 1945)

This type of uniform, made of light cotton fabric, became from December 1942 a desirable, but not a fully official alternative to the olive-drab and beige service uniforms worn by Army nurses. The wear of the summer seersucker service uniform was allowed on hot summer days. It could be classified as an off-duty uniform, to be worn for informal off-duty occasions.

The seersucker service uniform consisted of a short-sleeved hospital dress over which a collarless jacket made of the same material was worn. The collar of the dress was placed over the jacket, to which the insignia were attached – the cut-out U.S. letters on the right side, the Army Nurse Corps caduceus on the left. In this case, the military rank pins were attached to the shoulder loops. The jacket had no lining, had two large pockets sewn on at the front, and was fastened with only one mother-of-pearl button.

Jacket, Cotton, Seersucker, Nurse’s.png

Jacket, Cotton, Seersucker, Nurse’s

A seersucker jacket to be worn over the cotton seersucker uniform. It is for street wear off duty and has two pockets and one-button front closure.

Uniform, Cotton Seersucker, Nurse’s with


Dress and jacket made of seersucker fabric complemented with appropriate insignia and an olive-drab service cap.

Nurses Lt Rike, Lt Hanning, Lt McVay 303rd Station Hospital.jpg
Uniform, Cotton Seersucker, Nurse’s with


Seersucker dress and jacket with pinned insignia, women's beige garrison cap with black and gold officers' cord, and a brown handbag.

Lts Mary T. Flanagan, Mary W. DeLauder and Rosina I. Magee assigned to the 164th General H


Accessories for this uniform combination are very diverse. Nurses from the Army Nurse Corps could choose between an olive-drab and a beige service cap, as well as an olive-drab and beige garrison cap.

The women's garrison cap resembled the one worn by men, but had a different, very characteristic curved shape. The garrison cap could be worn with the seersucker uniform from June 1944. It was then that this type of headwear was approved for Army nurses – garrison caps were originally introduced for use by women serving in the Women's Army Corps (WAC). The garrison cap could have been olive-drab, and later also beige. It had a black and gold officer's cord, due to the fact that all nurses started their service as officers. The military rank was always placed at the front left of the garrison cap. It is usually worn slightly tilted to the right side of the head.

ANC Beige Service Cap (revised pattern).

Cap, Service, Beige, Nurse’s
(revised pattern)

In 1942, a revised pattern of a nurse's beige service cap was introduced (shown in the photo). The cap had the United States Coat of Arms pinned to the front. Although it was worn mainly with a beige service uniform and a beige off-duty dress, it could also be worn in conjunction with a summer seersucker service uniform.

Cap, Service, Wool, OD, Nurse’s.png

Cap, Service, Wool,

OD, Nurse’s

In 1943, an olive-drab version of the nurse's service cap was introduced. The cap had the United States Coat of Arms on the front. The olive-drab service cap was primarily intended to be worn with an olive-drab service uniform and off-duty dress, however it could also be worn with a summer seersucker service uniform.

Women's Beige Garrison Cap.png

Cap, Garrison, Beige, Women,


When the second type of beige garrison cap for Army nurses was introduced in 1944, it became a suitable alternative to the beige service cap described above. The new type of women's garrison cap differed from its predecessor in a different color of the trim. It was no longer maroon but black and gold, like the men's officer's garrison caps.

Women's Officer's Garrison Cap.png

Cap, Garrison, Summer, Nurse’s,

Dark Olive-Drab

In the same year that the second type of beige garrison cap for nurses was introduced, an olive-drab female garrison cap also became available. The piping was black and gold, and the garrison cap was a suitable replacement for the olive-drab service cap.

Archbishop Francis J.jpg


The nurses had the same freedom when choosing footwear, i.e. white or brown leather shoes, the so-called oxfords.

White Oxford Shoes.png

Shoes, Nurse’s, White

White nurse’s shoes are serviceable oxfords with 1 ½-inch heels, rubber lifts and leather soles.

Shoes, Service, Women’s, Low.png

Shoes, Service, Women’s, Low

Low women’s service shoes are stylish brown oxfords built for comfort. They have 1 ½-inch heels, rubber lifts and leather soles.

New nurse's brown-and-white striped seersucker uniform developed by the Quartermaster Corp


The summer seersucker service uniform could be accessorized with white, beige or brown gloves without any decorative elements.

White Cotton Gloves.png
Leather Gloves.png

Gloves, Dress, Women’s

Brown, beige, or white gloves were worn as an accessory to the summer seersucker service uniform.

Woman modeling Army Nurse Corps summer seersucker service uniform..jpg
Summer Service Seersucker Uniform worn with OD service cap and brown handbag..jpg
A Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps wearing her summer seersucker uniform, OD servic


The Army Nurse Corps standard utility bag was made of brown leather. It had a rectangular, flat shape and a detachable strap.

Bag, Utility, Nurses’ Front.png
Bag, Utility, Nurses’ Back.png

Bag, Utility, Nurses’

A leather handbag with pockets and change purse. The lining is made of cotton poplin, OD in color. The strap can be adjusted for wearing over the shoulder or shortened for carrying in the hand, or can be removed altogether to allow for carrying under the arm.

(The bag in the photos comes from the collection of Victoria Pageot)

Australia. February 22, 1944.jpg


Under the service uniform, women wore seamed rayon stockings or warmer and stronger beige cotton stockings (both had a 4 ½-inch garter top and a reinforced foot). The stockings were attached to the garter belt.

Stockings, Rayon, Women’s.png

Stockings, Rayon, Women’s

A medium weight, viscose rayon stocking. It is full-fashioned with 4 ½-inch garter top and reinforced foot (reproduction).

Stockings, Cotton, Beige, Women’s.png

Stockings, Cotton, Beige, Women’s

A medium weight mercerized lisle stocking. It is full-fashioned with 4 ½-inch garter top and reinforced foot (reproduction).

Italian women wash clothes at the fountain of Fontana Verdi while US Army nurses and GI's


What no woman serving in the Army should ever forget are identification tags, also known as dog tags. They were worn for the duration of the service, with any type of uniform.

Tag, Identification.png

Necklace, Identification Tag, With Extension

+ Tag, Identification

Identification tag necklace with extension is the chain on which the identification tag is attached. On the identification tag, the following information is required: name, serial number, date of tetanus inoculation, blood type, person to notify, religion.

A British Tommy is showing two American Army Nurses how to use a Bren Gun.JPG
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