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May 2-5, 2019

Liberation Festival

This year's Liberation Festival in Pilsen, Czech Republic, was marked by rain, wind and low temperatures. However bad conditions did not stop us from taking part in this unique event. We portrayed Army nurses of the US 45th Field Hospital, which was stationed in Pilsen in May 1945. You could feel the atmosphere of the war's end throughout the city.

As every year, American, Belgian and Czech veterans came to Pilsen to be part of the celebrations. Despite their age (they're in their 90s!), these gentlemen were full of energy and happy to exchange a few words or take a picture. We personally had the opportunity to pick up from the airport the son of the 2nd Infantry Division veteran. It was his first time visiting the sites in the Czech Republic that his father had seen 74 years earlier.

On Saturday, we went on a short trip outside of Pilsen with the participants of the "Second to Pilsen" event. Our destination was an old estate in the town of Dolní Lukavice, which was occupied by the 2nd Rangers Battalion HQ from May to October 1945. Thanks to the courtesy of the current owners, we even managed to get inside.

During this year's festival, we also took part in the ceremony at the monument of the 2nd Infantry Division, we marched alongside the veterans in the victory parade and presented the Army Nurse Corps uniforms in a WWII uniforms show. We also had many opportunities to meet our friends for the best beer in the world (although this year hot tea was a much more popular choice). Our new tent (M-1934 Pyramidal Tent) passed the test in unfavorable conditions!

We would like to thank KVH Tommy & Yankee z.s. Plzeň for this opportunity of being part of this event and we hope that we will meet again next year for the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.

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