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November 22 - December 6, 2020


Buy a t-shirt, help us keep the fading memory of WWII heroines alive!

In late November, we gave you the opportunity to support our group by purchasing a t-shirt or sweatshirt with a special logo. Various colors and sizes were available, including maroon – the official color of the U.S. Army Medical Department. In just 14 days we managed to sell 110 products, which were then sent to 10 different countries around the world.


We used all profits from the sales to purchase a new tent (M1934 Pyramidal Tent), which we will convert into a fully functional WWII sterilization / supply tent. We intend to equip it with a wartime autoclave to show visitors how medical supplies were sterilized during WWII. This was one of the many tasks performed by the nurses. We hope you will see it at our events in 2021.


The fundraiser ended on December 6, 2020, but you can still express your desire to purchase a sweatshirt or t-shirt. To do so, simply go to the store page and click I would buy this! You will be notified by email when the sale resumes.


We would like to thank all of you who supported us in this fundraiser and made our dream of a new tent come true. Our goal was to raise half of the needed funds. Today we can say that we managed to raise almost the entire amount. It wouldn't be possible without your HELP! To everyone who placed an order or made a donation directly to our PayPal account – thank you!

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