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November 1-3, 2019


Our last event in the field this year was WWII Field Hospital display in Diest, Belgium, where we portrayed Army Nurses of the 50th Field Hospital. At the invitation of Airborne Medical Reenactment Group Europe (AMRGE), we had a unique chance to be part of live display, which included several rooms converted into WWII hospital and a considerable number of patients and medical personnel incl. Medical Officers, Medical Technicians and Orderlies, as well as Army Nurses. During the day, each of us performed assigned duties in receiving / triage, first aid, surgery or ward. Our friends from Holland and Belgium taught us a lot of useful things, such as bandaging of different parts of the body, wound suturing, removal of shrapnel, giving injections, assisting at surgical operations and many more. All patients wore professional special effect make-up which made the whole experience very realistic. We also had a chaplain and war correspondent present at the display. We would like to thank everyone in AMRGE for taking such a good care of us in Belgium and we can't wait to work with you again!

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