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September 4-11, 2022

79th Anniversary of Operation Avalanche

On September 4-11, 2022, our group of 10 traveled to Italy to commemorate the 79th anniversary of Operation Avalanche. Our destination was the town of Paestum, south of Naples, from where we made short excursions around the area and where a ceremony commemorating the Allied landings was held on September 9. During the week we managed to visit the Museum of Operation Avalanche (MOA) in Eboli, the island of Capri, the charming town of Agropoli and the Greek temples of Paestum. Some of us also visited places we knew from last year: Pompeii, Vesuvius and Vietri sul Mare. We spent our free time on a beautiful sandy beach or in local restaurants enjoying Italian cuisine and wine.

We made our way to Eboli in olive drab service uniforms. At the entrance we were greeted by the museum's director, Marco Botta. The museum houses many interesting photographs and several artifacts excavated in the area. A film screening showing original footage from 1943 is also part of the tour.

The official ceremony commemorating the landing took place on the afternoon of September 9 and was attended by authorities and representatives of various services. There was the mayor of Capaccio-Paestum, Franco Alfieri, and Tracy Roberts-Pounds who has recently been appointed as Consul General of the United States of America in Naples. The founder of our association was one of the speakers at the ceremony, and she gave an overview of the role of the U.S. Army hospitals and nurses during Operation Avalanche. Wreath-laying at the monument to the 36th Infantry Division and on the beach was also part of the event.

One day we also went to the island of Capri, which was a resting place for American servicemen and women stationed in Italy during the war. Among those who spent a pass on Capri were nurses, veterans from Anzio, who were accommodated at the Eden Paradiso Hotel. We were able to locate this building.

Many thanks to Giorgio Cafasso and his family for the invitation and help. We encourage all of you to take a look at the photos!

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